Small 'N' Working -
This is an exercise in minimalism even by N Gauge standards. A light hearted display of working N in what might seem impossibly small spaces: a toolbox, lunchboxes, CD, minidisk and even in a Coconut. They feature an English Village, Japanese Tram layout, Motorbikes and for the children;Thomas the Tank Engine Lunchbox plus Underground Ernie and friends having a BBQ. The cry or moan “I don’t have room for a layout” should not be heard any more.
My layouts were featured in Model Rail Magazine in May 2010 in their Show & Tell feature.
The first of these was as a surprise for a 65th Birthday Present & I was requested to include a station, however the rest of the layout was to be my decision. I decided to create an English Country Scene with a curved station platform in one corner. 
The second layout was as a Christmas Present for a 5 year old and I was asked to include a playground, paddling pool & horses, with Percy from Thomas the Tank Engine running around an inverted figure of 8 track. I included a station so that the passengers had somewhere to alight for the playground.
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