Small 'N' Working -

The Layouts

                       Batman and Robin                                                                              CD 

           Cottage by the Stream

                                                                                                            Disappearing Train



 Lego Playground
                                       This layout's scenery is made totally from Lego and
                                            features a children's adventure playground,
                                       including climbing wall, scramble net and picnic area.

                        Canal Cutting
A view of a canal cutting in the English Countryside
with a canal-side cottage and hikers in the fields.

                                 Milking Time.
A farmer inspecting his herd before taking to the milking shed, note the milk wagons behind the loco.


                                                                      Urban Tram
                                           Victorian back to back terraced houses with a
                                           modern tram passing by, made in a cardboard
                                            storage box, with Metcalfe card houses.

                                                                                                Ready for School!
Village school with the children arriving ready for
a new day. Post Office and Fire Station are nearby.

             Japanese Shopping Street
This larger layout has been built in a case that has
been adapted to open out flat, and portrays a Japanese
traditional shopping street with working street lights
and a modern overhead line plus the makings of a paddy field.

               Small Japanese Scene
Traditional Japanese houses at the edge of a
village, with working street lights.


                                                                  Brief Case Layout
                                                     A small country pub scene in a old brief case.


                                                                    Lego Fire Layout
                                            Built in a Trunki Case this layout uses Lego 
                                                     pieces to recreate a fire scene.


                             Shuttle Layout
    This is a two level layout which has a train shuttling
                       to & from in the cutting.

                   Caravan Site Layout
This layout depicts a small country caravan site.

                      Playmobil Zoo
Panda enclosure at the zoo, built using Playmobil.

                Seaside Lego Police Chase
See the police chasing the thief on his jet-ski and the Police Helicopter hovering overhead, all in a 'Treasure Chest!'


                                                                                                                                                             Bob the Builder                                                              Minecraft Layout
     Bob having his materials delivered by trains                  Minecraft village mounted in a IKEA 
                                                                                                     children's storage box. 

                                                                                                                                                              Teddy Bears Picnic                                                          Merry-go-Round
    This layout mounted in a wicker picnic                                  This layout has a working Faller 
    basket, with Sylvanian figures having a picnic.                       merry-go-round at a Vehicle Rally

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