Small 'N' Working -
The Layouts



 Lego Playground
                                       This layout's scenery is made totally from Lego and
                                            features a children's adventure playground,
                                       including climbing wall, scramble net and picnic area.

                        Canal Cutting
A view of a canal cutting in the English Countryside
with a canal-side cottage and hikers in the fields.

                                 Milking Time.
A farmer inspecting his herd before taking to the milking shed, note the milk wagons behind the loco.


                                                                      Urban Tram
                                           Victorian back to back terraced houses with a
                                           modern tram passing by, made in a cardboard
                                            storage box, with Metcalfe card houses.

                                                                                                Ready for School!
Village school with the children arriving ready for
a new day. Post Office and Fire Station are nearby.

             Japanese Shopping Street
This larger layout has been built in a case that has
been adapted to open out flat, and portrays a Japanese
traditional shopping street with working street lights
and a modern overhead line plus the makings of a paddy field.

               Small Japanese Scene
Traditional Japanese houses at the edge of a
village, with working street lights.

                                             Brief Case Layout
    A small country pub scene in a old brief case.


                                                            Lego Fire Layout
                                            Built in a Trunki Case this layout uses Lego 
                                                     pieces to recreate a fire scene.


                             Shuttle Layout
    This is a two level layout which has a train shuttling
                       to & from in the cutting.

                   Caravan Site Layout
This layout depicts a small country caravan site.

                      Playmobil Zoo
Panda enclosure at the zoo, built using Playmobil.

                Seaside Lego Police Chase
See the police chasing the thief on his jet-ski and the Police Helicopter hovering overhead, all in a 'Treasure Chest!'

                        Bob the Builder                                                          Minecraft Layout
       Bob having his materials delivered by trains                  Minecraft village mounted in a IKEA 
                                                                                                     children's storage box. 

                  Teddy Bears Picnic                                                            Merry-go-Round
    This layout mounted in a wicker picnic                                  This layout has a working Faller 
    basket, with Sylvanian figures having a picnic.                       merry-go-round at a Vehicle Rally


Gun Case Layout

At 53 inches long, this is a largest micro-layout I have made to date. The challenge of this layout was to get three levels of scenery in a very narrow case. As you can see the road makes its way the full length of the case. The railway line winds its way round the case crossing over the canal twice. The scenery includes a canal, village halt and a village street which is lit up with working street lights. The pub next to the canal has picnic tables overlooking the canal. A farmer checks his flock of sheep in the field, where there is an abandoned pillbox. This layout can be run on analogue or DCC, the points are hand operated.
It was exhibited for the first time at the Modell+Technik Show 2018 in Stuttgart.

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